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After losing money on inspections, etc. from another agent, my Michigan agent found online and referred me to, I was lucky to have found an experienced agent [MarketPro] who truly cared more about me than the money after I fired the previous agent. She helped with things even after the sale. I truly believe we ought to know upfront who to trust when dealing with something this big. Thank you for creating MarketPros.com. It is a sign of the times for the future of real estate agents.

Pamela Doe

We originally wanted be at the east end of the beach, but after getting to know each other better, she, our MarketPros agent, convinced us to at least look at the west end. We are so glad she knew the area like the back of her hand and had the experience and confidence to change our mind. She read us perfectly and discovered the lifestyle we really wanted and pointed us to an area we never really knew about, but absolutely are glad to call it home now.

Bev and Roy Breeling

We heard about the concept of MarketPros after we had lost money on inspections and other things with a bad real estate experience with another agent. We were devastated. We asked another agent who was recommended as experienced in real estate and had lived here for 30 years to help us. What a difference in someone with experience and more importantly someone we could trust, who cared about us and making it right no matter what it took. She was a true MarketPros agent.

The Cargle Family

After catching an agent in a couple of lies while trying to buy the condo we wanted at the price we wanted to pay, we found an experienced agent which was a key factor in getting this resolved quickly and looking after us even after the sale. She was a true MarketPros agent.


Having an agent who has good solid relationships with everyone who could potentially be involved in the real estate industry made all the difference. With discovering a major water leak and flooding of our upstairs of our new home on a walk-through the night before closing, our agent pulled together the necessary people within 12 hours along with their quotes and negotiated on our behalf with other agent and lender as to how we could still close on time. We did. Only a MarketPros agent could have pulled this off.

Tricia and Ken

MarketPros helped me connect with a client, and I received a 60K commission. This was the best $399 I have ever spent on marketing.

Sam Johnson - Commercial Realtor