“Pairing Savvy Buyers and Sellers with Proven Real Estate Professionals”



Improve the reputation of the Real Estate Industry in the eyes of consumers in your community and around the world.

As a future certified MarketPros, you want to surround yourself with other top performers, other real estate professionals who share your high standards. Your referrals will be successful every time because now you have a website to find Agents as qualified as you.

Imagine what belonging to an elite group of like-minded professionals will do for your real estate business! Expect to feed off fellow MarketPros’ high energy, expect more leads coming to you than you’ve ever seen before, and expect to reach a new level financially that may have once felt like just a “Wouldn’t it be nice…” daydream.

At an introductory rate of only $299.00 for the administration of the quiz and your year of MarketPros certification, you are going to be recognized and established as a MarketPros for what you have accomplished and who you are as a person (not based on how much marketing you can afford).

Like Richard Branson when he created Virgin Airlines who felt the need to shake up an old industry and give customers a better, more fun experience, Marketpros is doing the exact same thing to the Real Estate industry, so you as a MarketPros are going to offer your clients a level of customer service they cannot get anywhere else.

What are the payoffs for me if I become a MarketPros?

  • Earn more money with less stress and struggle thanks to higher quality referrals and clientele
  • Enjoy greater status and recognition in the Real Estate industry (and have more fun because of it)
  • You will attract more opportunities and referrals that are right for you (because YOU are the one being sought out)
  • You will become known as a Real Estate professional who has earned the trust of all



Potential Buyers Search for Local Marketpros


Buyers Find Your Profile and Fill Out Contact Request


Your New Lead Shows Up in Your Agent Secure Portal


The Real Estate industry is saddled with untrained, unethical, and unknowledgeable real estate agents. MarketPros are not those kind of agents. Instead, MarketPros are experienced in the industry and have a proven track record as professionals with high standards and morals. We believe it’s time to restore the reputation of an industry that allows anyone to jump into this business without any experience or apprenticeship.

  • A Licensed Real Estate professional for the past 5 years (full-time)
  • Has lived or worked in the area for 3 consecutive years as a Licensed Real Estate Professional
  • Have had 12 successful transactions or sold a minimum of 1 million dollars in volume consecutively for the past 3 years with an 80% positive review rating
  • A Real Estate Professional who understands and believes that helping consumers who need your expertise is the main objective (because you know that the money will come later, only after a trusting relationship with the client is created)
  • A Real Estate Professional who is continuously growing and learning both in their personal and business life so they can provide the best possible experiences for themselves and their clients


Questions & Answers

What is a MarketPros?

A Marketpros has earned the title of a Marketpros because they have been a licensed agent for at least 5 years. They live in the same area that they operate their business and have done so for at least 5 years. They complete at least 12 transactions a year. They have passed a personality and ethics assessment to judge their honesty and integrity. They have passed a criminal background check. Their reviews have been meticulously vetted.

Do I have to switch companies to be a Marketpros?

No, you do not need to switch companies. MarketPros.com was founded with the independent Real Estate Professional in mind.

How do I become a MarketPros?

Apply below.

What are the benefits of becoming a MarketPros?

Anyone who needs the services of a Real Estate Professional but isn’t sure who they can trust looks to MarketPros.com. We are the only lead referral website that does not take part of your commission or charge you a monthly fee to become a MarketPros.

As a MarketPros, you will enjoy a vast network of professionals. Similar to a mastermind, you will be able to connect with those on your level as well as ask questions to those who have more experience or unique expertise.

I have been in the business for 3 years and have lived here for 5 years. Can I still be a MarketPros?

You can attend events and trainings as an attendee and “MarketPros in Training”, but to take advantage of full membership and be featured on MarketPros.com, you must meet the 5 year minimum criteria.

Do I have to move my license or can I stay where I am?

MarketPros.com is not a brokerage, so you stay where you are. We believe that people are more drawn to an individual MarketPros than to a generic real estate agency.

Will it cost me for leads?

No. We want the public to know that you have not bought a certification or Premier agent status, but you have earned it as a MarketPros in your area from your experience, knowledge, and trustworthiness.

What is the cost?

The $299.00 per year covers the cost of the website and advertising cost to acquire buyers and sellers for our MarketPros.

I do not meet all the criteria to become a MarketPros, but I believe this a great idea and want to become a MarketPros.

You may attend most events sponsored by MarketPros and subscribe to MarketPros. However, you cannot be featured on the MarketPros site for referrals until you have met the criteria and earned full MarketPros status.