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MarketPros have 5 years fulltime in the Industry and have lived in your community for a minimum of 3 years with over 12 successful transactions per year. So they know their area


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Whether you’re buying or selling, at MarketPros, our mission is to transform the Real Estate industry by building a bridge of trust between rigorously vetted professional agents (MarketPros) and YOU Consumers who expect an expert.

That’s why we only offer you hand selected, and thoroughly screened agents who have impeccable reputations, experience and expertise in their communities.

Why Choose a MarketPros Agent (over anyone else) to Buy or Sell Your Property?

  • MarketPros have lived in your community for a minimum of 3 years.
  • MarketPros must have worked consecutively full time in the industry for a minimum of 5 years, with at least 12 successful transactions per year.
  • MarketPros go through a process of 5 certifications to ensure they are elite real estate experts.
  • MarketPros are licensed real estate professionals who have been screened and verified by peers, vendors, attorneys, and title companies they have worked with during the past 12 months to ensure their integrity and values match that of Marketpros Mission Statement.

Sleep Better At Night Knowing You’re In The Best Hands Possible to find an agent you can TRUST No more guessing if you’ve hired the right agent

Kind Words From Buyers And Sellers who used Marketpros agents

The Cargle Family
We heard about the concept of Marketpros after we had lost money on Inspections and other things with a bad Real Estate experience with another agent. . We were devastated. We asked another agent who was recommended as experienced in real estate but had lived here for 30 years to help us. What a difference in someone with experience and more importantly someone we could trust, who cared about us and making it right no matter it took. She was a True Marketpros.

Tricia and Ken G.
Being relocated in the Military it was Important to have an agent who was knowledgeable about the area. Finding an agent that had good solid relationships with everyone who could potentially be involved in the Real Estate industry made all the difference. With discovering a major water leak and flooding of our upstairs of our new home on a walk through the night before closing, our agent pulled together the necessary people within 12 hours along with their quotes and negotiated on our behalf with the other agent and our Lender as to how we could still close on time. We did. Only a Marketpros could have pulled this off.

The Mc Manaways
After catching an agent in a couple of lies, while trying to buy the condo we wanted at the price we wanted to pay We found an experienced agent which was a key factor in getting this resolved quickly and looking after us even after the sale. She was a True Marketpros.

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Our mission is to transform the real estate industry by building a bridge of trust between agents and consumers. That’s why we offer a platform to experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy, real estate professionals to become easily referable and widely known in their community among both buyers and sellers.